1996-1999 E36 318 Z3 DASC Software

Finally there is software specifically made for the 1996-1999 BMW M44 engine running a positive displacement Eaton M62 Supercharger. The building block of all stages is the reprogrammed DME. Hundreds of hours have been spent studying, figuring out, and reprogramming the computer. The result: excellent drivability, no check engine lights, and increased power. All stages have the following features in common:
  • Increased engine rev limiter to 6800rpm
  • Removed vehicle speed limiter
  • No Check Engine light if DISA valve is removed
  • Remapped fuel and spark maps
  • Lambda control and adaption remain functional
  • Elimination of surging during light boost conditions
  • Revised HFM error table to eliminate faults due to HFM pegging
Below is a description of the various stages offered:


Stage 1 consists of reprogramming the customer's DME. Power peaks were increased by 5.9ft-lbs and 5.4hp at the rear wheels on our test car, and as much as 12ft-lbs of torque was gained at the rear wheels in the midrange. Gains are achieved by modifying the spark advance and fuel mixtures to better suit the boost pressure that the engine encounters. This program relies on the rising rate fuel pressure regulator to be installed and functioning properly.

Price: $399 plus shipping and handling


Stage2 further improves power and reliability by eliminating the rising rate fuel pressure regulator and replacing the factory fuel injectors with larger units. Power gains of 6.9ft-lbs and 12.1hp at the rear wheels vs. stock programming have been seen. The DME is entirely recalibrated to work seamlessly with the larger injectors. Included with the kit are new higher flowing fuel injectors, custom machined fuel injector mounting adapters, and new o-rings.
Price: $799 plus shipping and handling


Stage3 ups the ante further than Stage2 by replacing the stock mass air meter with a larger unit and an ITG air filter. The larger meter uncorks the system and allows freer breathing. A power gain of 7.5ft-lbs and 17.5hp at the rear wheels vs. stock programming has been seen. Again, the DME has been custom programmed to work with the larger injectors and larger mass air meter (larger meter not included; inquire for details). If you are looking for ultimate power from your system then this is the kit for you.
Price: $899 plus shipping and handling

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