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When he was a young boy, every day after school Nick Glantzis would go to the repair shop where his father worked. It was there where Nick gained mastery of cars and their engines. His love for BMWs grew after going for his first ride in a turbocharged BMW 633csi that the shop had prepared for a customer. Thinking to himself, "one day I'm going to own a turbocharged BMW", this dream began to be realized when he bought a 1995 BMW M3. After purchasing and installing a turbo kit for the car and not being satisfied with the kit's design or software programming, Nick used his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering degree, along with his contacts in the industry, and set out to improve the tune and design to his liking. Realizing a need for reliable forced induction programming for BMWs, Technique Tuning Inc. was created. Since then he's applied his tuning experience to other forced induction BMWs, creating the Technique Tuning line of turbo kits and supercharger software.

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