Technique Tuning 2001-2002 E46 330
Stage 2 Turbocharger Systems

330i/ci dyno results: 375 rwhp and 370 rw ft-lbs!!!

Our Stage 2 turbo kit gives your 2001-2002 330 vehicle even more power than our Stage 1 kit. Using a thicker head gasket to lower the compression ratio, Stage 2 is designed to run 13 psi of boost with 93 octane fuel. The result is about 375 rwhp (which is approximately 430 hp at the crank). Just like Stage 1, the ECU is programmed to provide the appropriate fuel and spark for the added boost. The system can run with anywhere from 6 to 13 psi of boost while still providing optimum tuning settings.

For those customers that already have our Stage 1 system, upgrading to Stage 2 involves very little additional hardware. Give us a call or email to get an upgrade quote.

Stage 2 e46 330 turbo kits include:

  • Garrett T3/T4 60-trim Turbocharger (capable of over 450hp)
  • Technique Tuning Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold
  • 38mm External Wastegate
  • 3" Downpipe
  • High-Flow Catalytic Converter
  • High-Flow Air Filter
  • Turbo Oiling System
  • Technique Tuning ECU Software Programming (no piggyback to install!)
  • Large Front Mount Intercooler (able to support over 500hp)
  • High-Flow 36lb/hr Fuel Injectors
  • Technique Tuning Blow Through Mass Airflow Meter
  • Billet Machined Rebuildable Bypass Valve
  • Powdercoated Charge Pipes
  • T-bolt clamps
  • Head studs
  • MLS head gasket
  • No welding required
  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • All other necessary hardware for a COMPLETE kit

Software changes also include:

  • Increased engine rev limiter
  • Increased vehicle speed limiter

Initial models released are the 2001-2002 330. Other models to follow shortly.


  • Manual Transmission: $6,895 plus S&H

Dyno Results

Dynojet: Turbocharged 2001 BMW E46 330 Stage 2


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