OBD1 M50TU-S50 Forced Induction ECU Software

We can provide customized software for your forced inducted OBD1 6-cylinder. Whether you have a supercharged or turbocharged engine, we can accomodate you. We've gone through much effort to make the best possible programming for your car. Considerable time has been spent fine tuning all parts of the operating range, from idle, to part throttle, to wide open throttle performance. Our software retains the original ECU's ability to control the mixture via closed loop and adapt to the ever changing operating conditions. But since we tune the idle and part-throttle maps to work in conjunction with the ECU's requirements, the wide-open throttle tuning remains consistent and reliable. Contact us for specific information on what we can provide for your car.

Pricing: $700 and up

Dyno Results:

  • 1995 M3
  • AA Gen2 Stage1 turbo system
  • 92 octane fuel
  • EuroM3/540 HFM
  • Both runs done with Technique Tuning Software

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