Technique Tuning E36 328 Stage 2 Turbocharger Systems

The Technique Tuning Stage 2 Turbo System for the E36 328i/is is finally available. Using a thicker head gasket to lower the engine's compression ratio, the kit is designed to run 13.5psi to provide the ultimate power boost to your 328. Using our own custom developed software, the kit retains all of the vehicle's original smoothness and finesse during light throttle driving. But step on the throttle just a little bit more, and you'll be rewarded with the smooth rush of power that only a well engineered turbo system can provide.

All 328 Stage 2 turbo kits include:

  • T3/T4 60-trim Garrett Turbocharger
  • Technique Tuning Cast Exhaust Manifold
  • 38mm External Wastegate
  • 3" Exhaust Downpipe
  • Custom Front Mount Intercooler with laser-cut, CNC bent mounting brackets
  • Billet Machined and Rebuildable Blow Off Valve
  • Technique Tuning High Capacity Blow Thru Mass Air Meter with PnP Harness
  • High-Flow Fuel Injectors
  • Technique Tuning ECU Software
  • Thicker Head Gasket for Compression Ratio Reduction
  • ARP Head Studs
  • High Flow Fuel Pump Kit
  • Powdercoated Intake Pipes with Silicone Connectors and SS Clamps
  • Windshield Washer Tank Relocation Kit
  • Turbo oil supply/drain installation kit (including tap)
  • Turbo water-cooling kit
  • High-flow Air Filter
  • New front mount 2-speed auxiliary electric fan with mounting brackets
  • All other necessary hardware for a COMPLETE kit

Software changes also include:

  • Increased engine rev limiter
  • Increased vehicle speed limiter
  • Remapped fuel and spark maps for custom mass air meter and larger injectors

Pricing: $7,700 plus shipping and handling


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